"Very Goog hotel"

Thanks for the good service and will come again inshaa Allah if chance came it is the first time for me to travel Bahrain and was very great trial and hope to repeat that thanks also for all hotel team

Reviewed by Samarsliman a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 22nd February 2020
"Bussiness travel"

Excellent place , variety of food, clean rooms and comfort, the sea view from the room are remarkable, employees are very friendly and helpful t, the gym are very nice just need more equepment, sure i will visited again.

Reviewed by Mohamedomereldardiri a TripAdvisor traveler 21st February 2020
"Friendly Staff"

Everything were perfect, the staff were friendly and helpful. There is so many choices in the breakfast buffet, and they are serving Karak Tea. The View from the room was really nice and clean but unfortunately there is no coffee machine in the room.

Reviewed by Kookia a TripAdvisor traveler
Bahrain 24th January 2020
"A marvelous location to hold an event"

We had around 500 staff attending a Corporate event during the weekend of Jan 16-18th and we had a great time in terms of accommodation, event management, the atmosphere was great and we all had a lovely time.

Reviewed by Expedition a TripAdvisor traveler 20th January 2020
"Wont Find Any Better"

I really enjoyed my stay at Art Rotana. The hotel is gorgeous and clean. The view is out of this world. They have a very helpful and pleasant staff who were all eager to assist. I would definitely return.

Reviewed by Kadianw a TripAdvisor traveler 16th January 2020
"Comfy stay"

The place is amazing and they were quick to check me in “Grace” in the front table is excellent but the service in the rooms take a long time to come & so is the Landry they took a long time to even answer the phone but overall it was an amazing experience I recommend it.

Reviewed by Elaf a TripAdvisor traveler 13th January 2020
"Excellent hotel"

. I would recommend this hotel to my friends. We really liked our stay there. I conciser this hotel among the best ones I ever stayed in. The location is perfect. the beach is very clean. The pool is very nice.

Reviewed by TAREQA a TripAdvisor traveler
Bahrain 11th January 2020
"Amazing Stay"

My stay at the Art Rotana for New Year's was amazing! The staff were kind and professional, the room nice, the view lovely. The bed was very cozy. If I needed anything (extra water, towels) just a ring and it was there. I never wanted to leave!

Reviewed by MelissaO a TripAdvisor traveler 11th January 2020
"family vacation"

my second time double room and they gave me premium room everything is good but the only thing i didnt like the check in as they dont explain about the hotel facilities and breakfast timing and location

Reviewed by Serajzain a TripAdvisor traveler 10th January 2020

Everything was perfect. The personnel was very attentive and the food was very diverse and tasty. The hotel is very well maintained and very clean. We loved our stay and recommend ART Rotana Amwaj Islands.

Reviewed by Cynthia B a TripAdvisor traveler
France 6th January 2020

Good: الفندق عبارة عن منتجع متكامل بإمكانك قضاء عدة ايام مايحتاج تخرج فيه شاطئ جميل خاص بنزلاء الفندق مع مرافق عديدة ومطاعم ومقاهي وفعاليات جدا جميل وانصح فيه. طلبت تجهيز الغرفة لمناسبة خاصة وتم تجهيزها بمبلغ مناسب جدا.
Bad: لاشي عدا ان اسعار المطاعم غالية جدا مقارنة بالمستوى البوفية يغلق الساعة 10 ونص.

Husain Saudi Arabia
23rd February 2020. Source:

فخم مريح راقي نظيف

شيخة التويم
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

It is hi class and comfortable hotel

Faisal Nazar
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

Everything was great at art rotana, best hotel in Bahrain

slim s
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

حبيت الفندق جدا بكل تفاصيله

mmmnm62 سكتشات
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

One of the few hotels that is memorable

Hassan Saleh
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

We had late lunch/tea and it was very pleasant. Only issue was a pack of unruly ex-pat brats that had no manners.....

derek hill
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

Good: المكان والإطلالة والنظافة
Bad: الفرش الذي في الممرات

Abu Saudi Arabia
22nd February 2020. Source:

Beautiful place

Abdullatif Al-Arfaj
22nd February 2020. Source: Google

افضل منتجع في البحرين
Good: المنتجع بشكل عام ممتاز وانصح فيه من ناحية الهدوء واناقة الغرف والاطلالات شي خرااافي والفطور كان متنوع ومكان الفطور رايق تجربة صراحة خيالية
Bad: لا شي

Mr Saudi Arabia
21st February 2020. Source:

Fantastic scenery from hotel... Clean rooms and good service

Arun Ram
20th February 2020. Source: Google

Lovely place to stay with amazing staff and a variety of delicious dining options! Always a great place to visit!

Stefan Grobler
20th February 2020. Source: Google

فريق الاستقبال جميل فندق رائع واطلالات رائعه امان عالي جدا احترام الزوار

Hassan Khawaji
19th February 2020. Source: Google

Good: الهدوء
Bad: بعده عن السيتي سنتر والافنيوز

ابو Saudi Arabia
18th February 2020. Source:

من افضل الفنادق في البحرين كورنيش خاص واغلب الغرف مطله ع البحر ...اعجبني👍

Khalid Aaalkhald
17th February 2020. Source: Google
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